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ETF market structure and trading protocols are evolving approaches to investment

Podcast with Tom Digby, Head of EMEA ETF Client Trading at Invesco, as he discusses the difference in use of ETFs between the US and Europe for institutions and financial advisors. He observes how trading protocols are evolving, including the use of request-for-quote (RFQ) and on exchange trading, market liquidity and total cost of ownership, while…

5 years ago

The rise of ETF use amongst institutional investors

Podcast with Dr Xiaolin Chen, head of international at KraneShares discussing why asset allocators are increasing their use of ETFs and how investors are using ETFs to gain exposure to China, with Dan Barnes and Deborah Fuhr.

5 years ago

Invesco’s Dan Draper on key trends in the ETF landscape

Podcast with Dan Draper, Managing Director and Global Head of Exchange Traded Funds, Unit Investment Trusts and Closed-End Funds at Invesco Distributors, discusses whether there is a battle between active and passive investment, why there still is a need for education in exchange-traded products, what excites him most in the ETF space and which future…

5 years ago

Understanding the regulatory environment for ETFs

Podcast with Tara O’Reilly, who is also the Secretary of Women in ETFs’ Global Governance Committee, gives her insights into regulatory scrutiny of exchange-traded products as developers and asset managers push the boundaries of these funds. From the protections necessary to support successful investment outcomes, to the rise of ETFs as a potential systemic issue…

5 years ago

Global Markets Roundtable

Podcast with a team of experts after the EMEA ETF Global Markets Roundtable; we get their expert views on the regulatory environment for ETFs, the value and risk assessments that are needed for investors in exchange traded products, the innovation of fintech firms moving into the ETF space and the interaction between active / passive…

5 years ago