Global X ETFs Continues European Growth with the Launch of an Additional Seven Thematic UCITS ETFs

Global X ETFs, a leading global provider of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), today announces the expansion of its European business with the addition of seven new European UCITS ETFs, listed on London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse Xetra. The new UCITS ETFs reflect Global X’s strong commitment to the European market and the firm’s latest move to offer investors around the world intelligent investment solutions.

Global X, which announced its formal entrance to European markets in December 2020, is adding to its existing thematic offering of five UCITS ETFs with the following seven additional thematic products:

Fund NameTickerIndexExpense
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETFBOTZIndxx Global Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic v2 Index0.50%
Global X Cybersecurity UCITS ETFBUGIndxx Cybersecurity v2 Index0.50%
Global X CleanTech UCITS ETFCTEKIndxx Global CleanTech v2 Index0.50%
Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles UCITS ETFDRVESolactive Autonomous & Electric Vehicles v2 Index0.50%
Global X E-commerce UCITS ETFEBIZSolactive E-commerce v2 Index0.50%
Global X FinTech UCITS ETFFINXIndxx Global FinTech Thematic v2 Index0.60%
Global X Internet of Things UCITS ETFSNSRIndxx Global Internet of Things Thematic v2 Index0.60%

Luis Berruga, CEO, commented: “Over the past several years, Global X has developed the infrastructure to be a leading ETF issuer, not just in the US, but in key markets in Europe and around the world. This latest launch is representative of the firm’s rapid European growth and we’re thrilled to be able to offer investors targeted exposure to companies around the world driving long-term, paradigm-shifting themes in the form of 12 total UCITS ETFs.”

“Digital transformation of the global economy continues to be a major driver of change throughout the value chain, challenging traditional investment frameworks. Accurately capturing firms leading in disruptive themes requires a forward-looking investment approach to identify the fast-growing trends of the next decade,” said Rob Oliver, Head of Business Development in Europe. “Through thematic investing, investors can gain targeted exposure to certain disruptive themes like the Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), E-Commerce, and 5G, and we expect to see huge investment and advancements in these themes over the next decade.”

Prospectuses and Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) for these ETFs are available in English at

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Notes to Editors: Information on Individual Products

BOTZ: Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF

The Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF (BOTZ), which follows the Indxx Global Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thematic v2 Index, seeks to invest in companies that potentially stand to benefit from increased adoption of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). The fund includes companies involved with industrial robotics and automation, non-industrial robots, and autonomous vehicles. Trade conflicts and the Covid19 pandemic led companies to question their supply chain integrity. Automation may be a catalyst in reshoring, allowing companies to offset some of the manufacturing costs. Industrial robot sales grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% from 2013 to 2019.i

BUG: Global X Cybersecurity UCITS ETF

The Global X Cybersecurity UCITS ETF (BUG), tracks the Indxx Cybersecurity v2 Index which seeks to invest in companies that stand to benefit from the increased adoption of cybersecurity technology. BUG includes companies whose principal business is in the development and management of security protocols preventing intrusion and attacks to systems, networks, applications, computers, and mobile devices. Damages from global cybercrime could cost US$6tr annually by 2021.ii Cybersecurity will be further propelled by the growth of machine learning, cloud computing, and the internet of things.

CTEK: Global X CleanTech UCITS ETF

The Global X CleanTech UCITS ETF (CTEK) tracks the Indxx Global CleanTech v2 Index. CTEK seeks to invest in companies that stand to benefit from the increased adoption of technologies that inhibit or reduce negative environmental impacts. The fund includes companies involved in renewable energy production, energy storage, smart grid implementation, residential/commercial energy efficiency, and/or the production and provision of pollution-reducing products and solutions. The expansion of electric infrastructure and energy efficiency technologies could reduce emissions by over 40% of what is needed to keeping warming within tolerable levels.iii

DRVE: Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles UCITS ETF

The Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles UCITS ETF (DRVE) provides exposure to autonomous vehicle technology, electric vehicles (EV), and EV components and materials which are transforming the automobile market. DRVE follows the Solactive Autonomous & Electric Vehicles v2 Index. The fund includes companies involved in the development of autonomous vehicle software and hardware, as well as companies that produce EVs, EV components such as lithium batteries, and critical EV materials such as lithium and cobalt. With regulatory support, improved battery technology and advancements in autonomous driving, analysts estimate 250 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030.iv

EBIZ: Global X E-commerce UCITS ETF

Over the last two decades, e-commerce has emerged from a niche model to a dominant shopping experience. The Global X E-commerce UCITS ETF (EBIZ) provides exposures to companies positioned to benefit from any increased adoption of E-commerce as a distribution model. Tracking the Solactive E-commerce v2 Index, EBIZ invests in companies whose principal business is in operating e-commerce platforms, providing e-commerce software and services, and/or selling goods and services online. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online shopping among a broader range of the population, becoming a safer shopping solution for many consumers and expanded to product categories that historically lagged in online sales, such as groceries and health care items, providing a tailwind to the theme.

FINX: Global X FinTech UCITS ETF

The Global X FinTech UCITS ETF (FINX), which follows the Indxx Global FinTech Thematic v2 Index, strives to invest in companies on the leading edge of the emerging financial technology sector. The financial services industry is in a state of transition as it moves towards a more digital structure. According to a survey by PWC, 49% of consumers now conduct their banking primarily on their desktop or smartphone.v FINX targets companies that innovate and transform established industries like insurance, investing, fundraising, and third-party lending through unique mobile and digital solutions.

SNSR: Global X Internet of Things UCITS ETF

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the tens of billions of connected devices that can transmit and receive data over networks. The Global X Internet of Things UCITS ETF (SNSR) seeks to invest in companies that stand to potentially benefit from the broader adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), as enabled by technologies such as WiFi, 5G telecommunications infrastructure, and fiber optics. This includes the development and manufacturing of semiconductors and sensors, integrated products and solutions, and applications serving smart grids, smart homes, connected cars, and the industrial internet. SNSR tracks the Indxx Global Internet of Things Thematic v2 Index.

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Published on November 18, 2021

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