Evermore Capital Tackles the Retirement Savings Crisis with Debut Suite of Target Date ETFs on the NEO Exchange

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NEO is proud to welcome first-time issuer Evermore Capital Inc. (“Evermore”), with their inaugural launch of a suite of 8 ETFs designed to empower Canadians to invest sensibly for retirement. The first and only target date ETFs in Canada, the all-in-one suite of Evermore Retirement ETFs begin trading today on the NEO Exchange.

Evermore is an asset management company founded to provide Canadian investors with low-cost, easy-to-understand, accessible, and goal-based retirement investment solutions. The target date of each Evermore Retirement ETF refers to the investor’s approximate year of retirement. The ETFs use a glide path approach to correspond with an investor’s life stage – the asset allocation of each ETF becomes more conservative as an investor approaches and progresses through retirement. Prior to today’s launch on the NEO Exchange, target date funds were only available to Canadians with group RRSP plans and pensions, or through mutual funds.

The target date ETFs and respective symbols are as follows:

  • Evermore Retirement 2025 ETF – ERCV
  • Evermore Retirement 2030 ETF – ERDO
  • Evermore Retirement 2035 ETF – ERDV
  • Evermore Retirement 2040 ETF – EREO
  • Evermore Retirement 2045 ETF – EREV
  • Evermore Retirement 2050 ETF – ERFO
  • Evermore Retirement 2055 ETF – ERFV
  • Evermore Retirement 2060 ETF – ERGO

“Today’s launch is a true demonstration of innovation in Canada’s thriving ETF industry,” commented Jos Schmitt, President and CEO of NEO. “It is my great pleasure to welcome Evermore as the newest ETF manager on the NEO Exchange, along with their unique set of investment products that have been tailor-made to take the complexity and uncertainty out of retirement planning. This is a game changer for investors who are seeking a low-cost, hassle-free solution to enhance their financial flexibility, and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership with Evermore, based on continuous innovation and exceptional support.”

“We are excited to finally offer target date retirement funds as low-fee ETFs,” added Myron Genyk, CEO and Co-Founder of Evermore. “And we are proud to work with the NEO Exchange to make these products accessible to all Canadians.”

Investors can trade units of the Evermore Retirement ETFs through their usual investment channels, including discount brokerage platforms and full-service dealers. Click here for a complete view of all NEO-listed securities.

The NEO Exchange is home to well over 200 unique listings, including ETFs from Canada’s largest ETF issuers, and some of the most innovative Canadian and international growth companies. NEO consistently facilitates about 20% of all trading in Canadian ETFs and close to 15% of all volume traded across Canadian marketplaces.

About the NEO Exchange

The NEO Exchange is Canada’s Tier 1 stock exchange for the innovation economy, bringing together investors and capital raisers within a fair, liquid, efficient, and service-oriented environment. Fully operational since June 2015, NEO puts investors first and provides access to trading across all Canadian-listed securities on a level playing field. NEO lists companies and investment products seeking an internationally recognized stock exchange that enables investor trust, quality liquidity, and broad awareness including unfettered access to market data.

NEO recently introduced Canadian ETF Market, a user-friendly platform providing investors and advisors with one-stop access to ETF research and analysis, powered by ETF specialist Trackinsight. Institutional-grade data allows users to compare, contrast, and explore the entire universe of 1,200+ Canadian ETFs, free of charge.

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About Evermore Capital Inc.

Evermore Capital Inc. is a Canadian asset management company that created and issued the first target date ETFs in Canada, a suite of Evermore Retirement ETFs. Evermore provides Canadians with low-cost, easy to understand, accessible, and goal-based retirement investment solutions. Evermore Retirement ETFs simplify retirement investing and take the hassle out of deciding what to buy, sell, or when to rebalance, offering Canadians peace of mind in one ETF.

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NEO Media Contact:
Aimee Morita

Published on February 23, 2022

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