ETF TV News: New Bitcoin ETP from VanEck; uptick in APAC new issues

ETF TV #48 News on newly issued ETFs and ETPs, globally, 30 November 2020

Last week 21 new ETFs and ETPs were listed globally on #ESG#thematic#Active#Crypto and #CommodityVanEck listed their first #Cypto product a #Bitcoin #ETN on the Deutsche Börse. Europe is the only region that has crypto products available. VanEck and a number of other firms have since 2013 been proposing listing Crypto ETPs in the United States.

KIM AM 1 ETF on Korea Exchange
KISI AM1 ETF on Indonesia Stock Exchange
Mirae Asset Global Investments 1 ETF on National Stock Exchange of India Limited
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management 3 ESG ETNs on Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Nikko Asset Management Group China bond ETF on SGX RegCo

Fidelity International Active EM ETF, WisdomTree Asset Management 3 commodity ETNs London Stock Exchange
VanEck Bitcoin ETN Deutsche Börse

Emles Advisors 2 thematic ETFs Cboe Global Markets
KraneShares US SmartBeta & and thematic ETF NYSE Arca

Manulife 5 Active ETFs Toronto Stock Exchange

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Published on December 1, 2020

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