ETF TV News: Active ETFs thriving as issuers battle for new ground

There were 22 new exchange-traded funds (ETFs) issued over the last week, across the China, Israel and the US. Thematically, these were reflective of recent investment and issuer trends, including disruptive technology, ESG and fixed income.

Notably many of these ETFs are actively managed, marking a new battleground for issuers who cannot compete purely on low fee, high scale with the larger firms. Deborah Fuhr and Dan Barnes discuss

Fullgoal CSI Agriculture Thematic ETF159825 CHShenzhen Stock ExchangeFullgoal Fund Management
Tianhong CSI Banks ETF515290 CHShenzhen Stock ExchangeTianhong
Advisorshares Q Dynamic Growth ETFQPX USNYSE ArcaAdvisorShares
Advisorshares Q Portfolio Blended Allocation ETFQPT USNYSE ArcaAdvisorShares
Gotham Enhanced 500 ETFGSPY USNYSE ArcaToroso
Simplify Volt Pop Culture Disruption ETFVPOP USNYSE ArcaSimplify ETFs
Simplify Volt Cloud & Cybersecurity Disruption ETFVCLO USNYSE ArcaSimplify ETFs
Simplify Volt Fintech Disruption ETFVFIN USNYSE ArcaSimplify ETFs
Simplify Volt Robocar Disruption ETFVCAR USNYSE ArcaSimplify ETFs
KSM ETF 00 Tel Bond-Yields ShekelKSMF198 ITTel Aviv Stock ExchangeKSM
Upholdings Compound Kings ETFKNGS USCboeUpholdings
AVDR US LargeCap ESG ETFAVDG USCboeNew Age Alpha Advisors
AVDR US LargeCap Leading ETFAVDR USCboeNew Age Alpha Advisors
Pacer Swan Sos Fund of Funds ETFPSFF USCboePacer ETFs
SP Funds S&P Global Reit Sharia EtfSPRE USNYSE ArcaToroso
Rayliant Quantamental China Equity ETFRAYC USNYSE ArcaRayliant
SmartETFs Advertising & Marketing Technology EtfMRAD USNYSE ArcaSmartETFs
Sound Equity Income ETFSDEI USNYSE ArcaToroso
Merlyn AI SectorSurfer Momentum ETFDUDE USCboeMerlyn AI
Cabot Growth ETFCBTG USCboeCabot ETF Partners
KSM ETF 4D Indxx China InternetKSMF199 ITTel Aviv Stock ExchangeKSM
Sound Enhanced Fixed Income EtfSDEF USNYSE ArcaToroso

Published on January 4, 2021

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