Watch Dr. Xiaolin Chen of KraneShares discuss the investment outlook for China

Dr. Xiaolin Chen, Head of International at KraneShares unpacks her views on the Chinese economy and the wider implications on global markets. This is a very important year for China, as this is the second year of President Xi Jinping’s third term. This is the year that they have to deliver the economic results for them to achieve all the economic goal they have set out at the beginning of the third year, which is to modernize the society and urbanize the society. Last year, China delivered 5.2% of GDP growth. This year, we think they’re going right around that level, if not higher than that level.

China is now reforming its financial markets means allowing for environmental, oil, bank, owned insurance on some of the industries and sectors used to be very restricted with foreign investments. They become more open, more welcoming international investments.

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Published on February 15, 2024

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