Watch Chad Wood, ETF Strategist at Mackenzie Investments, Demystify ETFs for Canadian Investors

Chad Wood, ETF Strategist at Mackenzie Investments, Joins ETF TV to Demystify ETFs for Canadian Investors

Chad Wood, an ETF Strategist at Mackenzie Investments, is featured on ETF TV to address common misconceptions surrounding Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Canadian investors often grapple with questions related to ETFs, including understanding their nature, assessing liquidity, comparing spreads, and navigating foreign withholding taxes.

Key Points of Discussion:

  1. What is an ETF?
    • Chad Wood will provide a clear definition of ETFs, shedding light on their structure and benefits.
  2. Liquidity Insights:
    • The discussion will explore the liquidity aspect of ETFs, emphasizing their tradability on stock exchanges.
  3. Comparing ETF Spreads:
    • Investors will gain practical tips on evaluating spreads between different ETFs.
  4. Navigating Foreign Withholding Taxes:
    • Chad Wood will address the tax implications associated with investing in foreign ETFs.

Join ETF TV for valuable insights that empower Canadian investors in their ETF journey.

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Published on February 22, 2024

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