Charlie Shaffer of TIFIN AMP, joins ETF TV to discuss how they deliver distribution intelligence at scale for asset managers

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Margareta Hricova Welcome to ETV TV. Your insight into the world of exchange traded funds, issuers and investments. I’m Margareta Hricova  and joining me today is Charlie Shaffer, President and CRO at TIFIN AMP and Deborah Fuhr. Welcome.

Charlie Shaffer Thanks so much. It’s great to be here.

Deborah Fuhr Thank you, Charlie, great to have you on the show. Can you tell us about TIFIN AMP?

Charlie Shaffer TIFIN AMP is a company that is dedicated to turning data into actionable intelligence for asset managers. I spent the last 15 years of my life running global distribution for asset managers, and I experienced firsthand the profound challenge they have. They are overwhelmed with first and third party data. It is tremendously difficult to integrate and unify. What TIFIN AMP does is we take the complete data set that an asset manager has and transform it using an AI based platform into actionable intelligence.

Margareta Hricova So what is the most important problem that TIFIN AMP solves for its clients?

Charlie Shaffer Asset managers are dealing with about ten times more data than they were just ten years ago. The advent of the CRM, the digital marketing, social media, and then all of the third party data and structured and unstructured format, it’s just been impossible to integrate. So what TIFIN AMP has done is we built a solution that creates a data fabric that unifies and ingest all sorts of first party, third party, structured and unstructured data. But the point is, by building a data fabric precisely designed to drive intelligence, you can build a distribution intelligence layer that sits over your entire data architecture. That creates an ability for an asset manager to have much more precision. The tools that they’ve been using now, mostly CRM, frustrate most asset managers, but we tell them it’s not the CRM spot, it’s breaking your heart, but it’s not because of Salesforce or Dynamics. It’s because you’re using it for a purpose for which it wasn’t built. And so delivering information into their partners in a way that can drive actionable intelligence and precise personalisation at scale. That’s been a really elusive challenge with the ability to integrate and unify the data and then to drive distribution intelligence. We think the asset management industry is going to change more in the next 2 or 3 years than it has in the last 10 or 15, from a distribution intelligence perspective.

Deborah Fuhr So it sounds like you’ve built a platform that’s important to both wealth and asset managers. What has been the catalyst for the demand?

Charlie Shaffer The wealth managers have realized the status quo, the matching between asset management solutions with their priorities is not working effectively. Most asset managers are following an old product, push, spray and pray digital marketing campaign, and the wealth managers have realised it’s not serving their advisors. So now they’re turning more data than they ever have before to a trusted partner like TIFIN AMP to transform that confidential data into precise signals for the asset manager. The outcome is that the wealth managers and their advisors get the information and content aligned to the priorities that are important to them, and the asset managers spend their time aligning their strengths against those priorities. So it’s a change that is really benefiting both the wealth and the asset managers.

Margareta Hricova If you could look into a crystal ball to 2030, what would be the most visible changes in how asset managers distribute their solutions to their clients?

Charlie Shaffer You know, I think that wealth managers are going to be able to organise their partners and their asset managers to be precisely aligned against the most important priorities they have. And the asset managers are going to have intense amounts of precision and clarity, and being able to position their story and their strengths against the most important demands of the wealth managers. We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we’re at a great point. And what’s I think really important right now is both the wealth managers and the asset managers realise we’re at a point of inflection and a point of great opportunity.

Deborah Fuhr That’s great. Thank you for joining us.

Charlie Shaffer Thank you guys so much for having me. Really appreciate it.

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Published on March 28, 2024