Purpose Investments to Launch World’s First Pure Play Enterprise Software ETF to List on London Stock Exchange in Partnership with HANetf

TORONTO, July 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Purpose Investments Inc. (“Purpose”) is happy to announce that tomorrow it will launch the Purpose Enterprise Software ESG-S UCITS ETF (“the Fund”), the world’s first pure play enterprise software ETF to list on the London Stock Exchange. The Fund, which will trade under the ticker SOFT, is being made available through Purpose’s partnership with HANetf, an independent European ETF specialist.

SOFT will provide investors with exposure to a diverse ESG-screened selection of software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) enterprise software companies at the forefront of the digital revolution, including household names such as Adobe, Shopify, and Twitter.

The software industry has benefitted greatly from the acceleration of digital transformation, as industries move towards automation and improved operational efficiency. Through SOFT, investors will have an efficient means of accessing these trends.

“The software industry plays an important role in our everyday lives and these businesses represent some of the most exciting business models of the future. The global pandemic accelerated growth in the sector, as businesses were forced to pivot and further embrace digitisation, and we believe these trends will have long lasting implications,” said Som Seif, founder and CEO of Purpose Investments, “As the global economy continues to recover, we are very excited to partner with HANetf and offer investors an accessible way to get exposure to the software companies shaping our future.”

SOFT will track the Solactive Purpose Enterprise Software ESG Screened Index NTR (SOFTWARN). The SOFTWARN index performance achieved 50.28% returns in the past 12 months and 473.27% in the last five years1. The Fund will have a total expense ratio of 0.59%.

“We believe that if a company does not consider itself a technology company, it must buy a product from one, become one, or get left behind. Software enables this, which is why we are particularly excited about SOFT’s SaaS focus,” said Nicholas Mersch, portfolio manager at Purpose Investments. “Software companies have highly scalable recurring revenue that is resilient in any market environment. These businesses have high gross margins, strong free cash flow, and bullet proof balance sheets.”

ESG is a core factor embedded across Purpose Investment’s investment process and at the foundation of how it thinks about building products. As such, SOFT contains an ESG screen to exclude companies with exposure to controversial weapons and fossil fuels. The Purpose Enterprise Software ESG-S UCITS ETF is expected to be scheduled as an Article 8 fund under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

The Fund will trade on Xetra on August 3 and on Borsa Italiana later in the month.

For more information on the Fund, please visit: https://www.hanetf.com/product/27/fund/purpose-enterprise-software-esg-s-ucits-etf-acc

About Purpose Investments
Purpose Investments is an asset management company with more than $11 billion under management. Purpose Investments has an unrelenting focus on client-centric innovation, and offers a range of managed and quantitative investment products. Purpose Investments is led by well-known entrepreneur Som Seif and is a division of Purpose Financial, an independent technology-driven financial services company.

About HANetf
HANetf is an independent ETF provider founded by two of Europe’s leading ETF pioneers, Hector McNeil and Nik Bienkowski, to challenge conventional approaches to ETF product development and create distinctive opportunities for investors. HANetf’s unique UCITS ETF range is the result of close collaboration with leading asset managers that leverage HANetf’s full-service white-label ETF platform to simplify the set-up, launch and distribution of their investment ideas. For more information on HANetf, please visit https://www.hanetf.com/

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 Source: HANetf/Bloomberg as of 30.06.21

Published on July 29, 2021

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