Polish WIGtechTR ETF Is Newly Listed

  • The WIGtechTR ETF is now available on GPW
  • WIGtechTR is an index covering 49 companies in the biotech, gamedev, IT, telecom, and high-tech sectors
  • It is the seventh ETF introduced on GPW by Agiofunds in partnership with Beta Securities Poland and the third ETF newly listed on GPW in 2021

The Beta ETF WIGtechTR Polski Fundusz Inwestycyjny Zamknięty has been newly listed on the GPW Main Market today. AgioFunds TFI is the issuer, Dom Maklerski BOŚ is the offering agent and market maker, and Beta Securities Poland is the co-ordinator of the initiative.

“ETFs offer exposure to the entire portfolio of an index. The new product gives exposure to the top 49 tech stocks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, including Asseco Polska, Cyfrowy Polsat, Orange, and CD Projekt. Sector and thematic ETFs have become popular with investors as they offer exposure to an industry or market niche which is on the investors’ radar or enjoys a strong outlook. We see a lot of potential for ETFs, and we are proud that a new attractive instrument has been introduced to trading and offers passive investment in tech stocks,” said Izabela Olszewska, Member of the GPW Management Board.

The underlying of the new ETF is the index WIGtechTR which covers the biggest technology stocks listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

“After the Nasdaq-100 Beta ETF which tracks the US technology stock index, time has come for a new fund tracking the Polish tech index. WIGtech is a very attractive index as it covers many companies which have been growing dynamically over the past months. We hope that the new index will win investors’ appreciation and attract interest and capital to Polish technology stocks. The ETF which has been newly listed today addresses investors’ expectations for an index which groups stocks other than banking and State-owned companies.” said Robert Sochacki, Board Member of Beta Securities Poland and Member of the Supervisory Board of Agiofunds TFI.

WIGtechTR is a total return index linked to WIGtech and includes not only transaction prices but also returns such as dividend and subscription rights.

“WIGtech is an index with a predominant share of telecom and gamedev stocks and a large share of IT firms. The index is closely correlated with the US growth stock index Russell 1000 and can be seen as exposure to global trends in growth stocks,” said Sobiesław Kozłowski, Director for Research & Advisory, Noble Securities S.A.

Radosław Olszewski, CEO of DM BOŚ, also believes that the new product will attract strong investor interest.

“The new listing of the WIGtechTR ETF corroborates the market’s unwavering interest in and need for ETFs. The newest ETF which tracks the Polish tech stock index may prove attractive to investors. WIGtech groups companies which have enjoyed opportunities of dynamic growth in the last months. I am very positive about the growing range of ETFs available to local investors who can diversify their investment portfolios with attractive segments,” said Radosław Olszewski, CEO of DM BOŚ.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) track (replicate) the performance of an exchange index. ETFs enable continuous (daily) creation and cancellation of investment certificates. Certificates of closed-end portfolio investment funds (ETF units within the meaning of the Exchange Rules) are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the same way as stocks and can be freely bought and sold. Liquidity of ETFs is supported by market makers (brokers).

For more information about Beta ETFs, visit: www.gpw.plwww.agiofunds.pl and www.bossa.pl.

Published on June 7, 2021

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