Picton Mahoney Asset Management Launches New Core Bond Fund

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Picton Mahoney Asset Management (“Picton Mahoney”) today announced the launch of the new Picton Mahoney Fortified Core Bond Fund (“Core Bond Fund”). The fund will offer four classes of units: Class A, Class F, Class I and ETF units. The ETF units will commence trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange today (ticker symbol PFCB). Class A, F and I units of the fund were launched on November 3, 2022 and are offered to the public as conventional mutual fund securities.

“Investors in traditional core bond funds are forced to take on higher volatility to achieve the levels of yield and return they are accustomed to,” said Philip Mesman, Head of Fixed Income, Picton Mahoney. “Coupled with the added uncertainties around inflation and the economic backdrop, the Core Bond Fund’s alternative principles provide an investment solution for fixed income investors seeking to mitigate these headwinds.”

Designed to provide investors an alternative option to traditional, constrained bond funds, the Picton Mahoney Fortified Core Bond Fund aims to generate income and capital gains through exposure to Government Bonds, Investment Grade Bonds and top credit picks from our existing long/short credit strategy.

“We believe that the way fixed income portfolios are constructed needs to evolve so that investors can generate the returns that they are looking for, without taking on additional risk,” continued Mesman. “The Core Bond Fund is designed to help income investors stay invested within their stated risk tolerance.”

Fund NameInvestment ObjectiveETF Class TickerClass A Fund CodeClass Fund CodeClass I
Picton Mahoney Fortified Core Bond FundThe investment objective of the Fund is to preserve capital while maximizing total return to unitholders predominantly through income, supplemented with capital appreciation. The Fund invests primarily in a well-diversified portfolio of North American fixed-income securities and engages in hedging strategies for volatility management and risk mitigation.PFCBPIC 8520PIC 8521PIC 8522

To learn more about Picton Mahoney’s full suite of funds, visit www.pictonmahoney.com.

About Picton Mahoney

Picton Mahoney Asset Management specializes in differentiated investment solutions and rules-based volatility management. Picton Mahoney helps its clients fortify their portfolios based on experience honed over the years through different market cycles and investing environments.

Founded in 2004 and 100% employee owned, Picton Mahoney is a portfolio management boutique entrusted with over CAD $8.6 billion (as at October 31, 2022) in assets under management. Pioneers of Authentic Hedge® investment principles and practices in Canada, the firm offers a full suite of investment solutions, including mutual and alternative funds, to institutional and retail investors across the country.

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Published on November 9, 2022

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