New thematic ETFs from Global X on Xetra: Companies worldwide from the fields of innovative technologies, e-commerce, mobility and climate change

Since Thursday, seven new exchange-traded funds of the issuer Global X are tradable via Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

With the Global X Cleantech UCITS ETF, investors participate in up to 40 companies that are driving structural change in global energy use. Businesses include renewable energy and measures to combat air and environmental pollution.

The Global X E-Commerce UCITS ETF provides access to companies that offer their goods and services online, operate e-commerce platforms or produce e-commerce software and services.

Investors interested in the Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles UCITS ETF are exposed to companies that focus on the production of electric and hybrid vehicles, the supply of the necessary components, or the provision of technologies for autonomous and connected driving.

The Global X Cybersecurity UCITS ETF invests in companies that develop and provide security software for systems, networks, computers, and mobile devices in private and business operations.

The Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF focuses on companies involved in the development of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) used in industrial and medical applications or whose software is used for voice, image and text recognition.

Investors in the Global X Fintech UCITS ETF focus on the financial technology sector, which uses new technologies to provide innovative solutions in financial instruments and services such as investing, fundraising and lending.

The Global X Internet of Things UCITS ETF includes companies that provide hardware and software for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to the network of physical objects and relies on technologies such as WiFi, 5G and fiber optics. In addition to telecommunications and sensor technology companies, the index therefore includes automation and network technology providers.

NameAsset classISINOn-going chargesDistribution policyReference index
Global X Cleantech UCITS ETFEquity ETFIE00BMH5YL080.50 per centAccumulatingIndxx Global CleanTech v2 Index
Global X E-Commerce UCITS ETFEquity ETFIE00BMH5XY610.50 per centAccumulatingSolactive E-commerce v2 Index
Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles UCITS ETFEquity ETFIE00BMH5YR690.50 per centAccumulatingSolactive Autonomous & Electric Vehicles v2 Index
Global X Cybersecurity UCITS ETFEquity ETFIE00BMH5Y8710.50 per centAccumulatingIndxx Cybersecurity v2 Index
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETFEquity ETFIE00BLCHJB900.50 per centAccumulatingIndxx Global Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Thametic v2 Index
Global X Fintech UCITS ETFEquity ETFIE00BLCHJZ350.60 per centAccumulatingIndxx Global Fintech Thematic v2 Index
Global X Internet of Things UCITS ETFEquity ETFIE00BLCHJT740.60 per centAccumulatingIndxx Global Internet of Things Thematic v2 Index

The product offering in Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,742 ETFs. With this selection and an average monthly trading volume of around €17 billion, Xetra is the leading trading venue for ETFs in Europe.

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Published on November 18, 2021

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