New Invesco ETCs on Xetra: Access to Palladium, Platinum, and Silver with Physical Collateralisation

Since Thursday, three new exchange traded commodities issued by Invesco are tradable via Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

With the Invesco Physical Palladium ETC, the Invesco Physical Platinum ETC and the Invesco Physical Silver ETC, investors bet on the performance of palladium, platinum, and silver. The three products are exchange traded debt securities that are collateralised by the respective physically deposited precious metal. The deposited palladium and platinum plates as well as silver bars are held in a vault at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank in London.

NameAsset classISINOngoing chargesReference price
Invesco Physical Palladium ETCETCIE00B4LJS9840.19 per centSpot Price Palladium (LBMA)
Invesco Physical Platinum ETCETCIE00B40QP9900.19 per centSpot Price Platinum (LBMA)
Invesco Physical Silver ETCETCIE00B43VDT700.19 per centSpot Price Silver (LBMA)

The product offering in Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,657 ETFs and 213 ETPs. With this selection and an average monthly trading volume of around €17.5 billion, Xetra is the leading trading venue for ETFs in Europe.

Published on June 24, 2021

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