New crypto ETN issued by Iconic on Xetra: access to Ethereum

Since Monday, a new crypto ETN issued by Iconic is tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt.

With the Iconic Physical Ethereum ETP, investors now have access to a product on Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin.

The crypto ETN is physically backed and admitted to the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. With the new ETN, investors gain access to the performance of Ethereum in a simple and cost-efficient way without having to resort to unregulated trading venues.

NameAsset classISINOngoing chargesCrypto currency
Iconic Physical Ethereum ETPETNDE000A3GTML1 0,95 per centEthereum

With the new offering, investors can access 35 crypto ETNs from seven providers on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, Polkadot, Solana, Stellar, Tezos and TRON as well as four baskets of cryptocurrencies. With an average monthly order book turnover of around €1 billion, Deutsche Börse with Xetra is also the market leader in trading crypto ETNs in Europe.

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Published on December 20, 2021

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