New bond index ETFs issued by Amundi on Xetra: Access to fixed-rate Euro-bonds with investment-grade rating

Two new exchange-traded funds issued by Amundi Asset Management have been tradable on Xetra and Börse Frankfurt since Tuesday.

The Amundi Index Euro Corporate SRI UCITS ETF DR – EUR (C) offersinvestors access to fixed-rate euro-denominated corporate bonds with investment-grade rating. The selected bonds must have a minimum outstanding volume of 300 million Euro and a maturity of of at least one year. 

The Amundi Index Euro AGG SRI UCITS ETF DR – EUR (C) provides exposure to fixed- income bonds issued in Euro with investment-grade rating. The bond ETF includes treasuries, government-related bonds, corporate and securitized issues.

For both bond ETFs, companies must have an ESG rating of at least BBB. Companies with a red MSCI ESG Impact Monitor score and those with business activities in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment, genetically modified organisms, power plant coal, oil sands and controversial weapons are excluded.

For both products, accruing coupon payments are reinvested.

NameAsset classISINOngoing chargesDistribution policyReference index
Amundi Index Euro Corporate SRI UCITS ETF DR – EUR (C) Bond ETFLU1437018168 0.14 per centAccumulatingBloomberg MSCI Euro Corporate ESG Sustainability SRI Index 
Amundi Index Euro AGG SRI UCITS ETF DR – EUR (C) Bond ETFLU2182388236 0.16 per centAccumulatingBloomberg MSCI Euro Aggregate Sustainable SRI Sector Neutral Index 

The product offering in Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,811 ETFs. With this selection and an average monthly trading volume of around €17 billion, Xetra is the leading trading venue for ETFs in Europe.

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Published on March 22, 2022

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