New bond ETFs from Invesco on Xetra: access to long-term US government bonds

Two new exchange-traded funds issued by Invesco have been tradable on Xetra and via Börse Frankfurt since Tuesday.

With the two bond ETFs, investors can participate in the performance of US dollar-denominated fixed-income US government bonds. The underlying reference index of both ETFs exclusively comprises investment grade bonds with a residual term of at least ten years and an outstanding nominal value of at least 300 million US dollars.

The use of income is distributing, whereby one of the ETFs is additionally hedged against currency risks.

NameAsset classISINOngoing chargesDistribution policyReference index
Invesco US Treasury Bond 10+ Year UCITS ETF DistFixed Income ETFIE00BKWD37430.06 percentdistributingBloombergUS Long Treasury Index
Invesco US Treasury Bond 10+ Year UCITS ETF EUR Hdg DistFixed Income ETFIE000FXHG8D60.10 percentdistributingBloombergUS Long Treasury Index

The product offering in Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment currently comprises a total of 1,976 ETFs. With this selection and an average monthly trading volume of around €19 billion, Xetra is the leading trading venue for ETFs in Europe.

Published on October 18, 2022

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