Mirae Asset Debuts Three New ETFs; Launches Hong Kong’s First Actively-Managed ETF on Asian Equities and Two Global-Themed ETFs

December 10, 2021, Hong Kong – Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited (the “firm” or “Mirae Asset”) today announced the launch of three new ETFs: the Global X FinTech ETF (stock code: 3185), the Global X Autonomous and Electric Vehicles ETF (stock code: 2849), and the Global X Asia Innovator Active ETF (stock code: 3051). The new ETFs will begin trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 10, 2021.

The Global X FinTech ETF and Global X Autonomous and Electric Vehicles ETF are the firm’s first global thematic growth products. Transcending traditional sector, industry and country classifications, the ETFs offer investors trading in Asian timezones convenient access to dozens of companies around the world that are at the cutting edge of transformative innovations. The Global X Asia innovator Active ETF is an actively managed ETF that seeks long-term capital growth by investing in Asia’s innovation leaders that are reshaping the region’s economy. Managed by a research-driven investment team with strong track records in Asian equity strategies, the fund combines the advantages of active management with the benefits of ETFs such as transparency, convenience and cost efficiency.

All three ETFs will join the firm’s thematic growth suite and bring the total number of Global X ETFs offered in Hong Kong to 24 products, representing assets under management of US$2.68 billion.

Jung Ho RHEE, Chief Executive Officer of Mirae Asset, said: “We’re excited to broaden our growth-seeking thematic suite of ETFs to include global strategies that seek to benefit from continued advancements in fintech and autonomous and electric vehicles. Furthermore, with the launch of the Global X Asia Innovator Active ETF, our aim is to offer more active ETF products that can optimize allocations across multiple disruptive themes and adjust positions as required by market conditions.”

The Global X FinTech ETF invests in fintech companies positioned to benefit from the accelerated digitalization of financial services, including mobile payment, peer-to-peer lending, blockchain, personal finance, software and automated wealth management. Fintech is a theme poised to benefit as expanding broadband and mobile internet penetration coincides with a rising middle class in developing markets, historically underserved by traditional financial services.

The Global X Autonomous and Electric Vehicles ETF invests in global companies across the autonomous and electric vehicle (EV) supply chain, including EV components and autonomous vehicle hardware or software. These include lithium batteries, sensors and semiconductors which are transforming the global EV market.

The Global X Asia Innovator Active ETF seeks to invest in innovative companies at the leading edge of multiple disruptive themes reshaping Asia. The actively-managed ETF combines the benefits of ETF such as cost-efficiency and active management to deliver access to around 45 innovative companies across a range of disruptive themes in one single trade.

Published on December 10, 2021

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