Gary Black Discusses Listing the Future Fund Active ETF Focused on Secular Megatrends

ETF TV News #88 Gary Black Managing Partner at The Future Fund discusses listing the Future Fund Active ETF (FFND) focused on secular megatrends with Margareta Hricova and Deborah Fuhr #PressPlay    

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Last week, globally there were 25 new listings from 18 issuers and there were 34 new cross-listings.

Issuers: Advisors Asset Management, Amundi ETF, China Asset Management, China Universal Asset Management, Fubon Asset Management, Fullgoal Fund Management, Global X ETFs, Harfor Fund Management, Huatai-PineBridge Fund Management, IA Clarington, Lyxor Asset Management, New China Fund Management, The Future Fund, Tuttle Tactical Management, UBS Asset Management, WisdomTree, Xingyin Fund Management Co, Zacks Investment Management

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Published on September 1, 2021

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