Fubon ICE FactSet Taiwan Core Semiconductor ETF

Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) states the beneficiary certificates of Fubon ICE FactSet Taiwan Core Semiconductor ETF (stock code: 00892) issued by Fubon Investments Corporation will be listed on June 10.

TWSE states according to the application, the “ICE®FactSet®Taiwan Core Semiconductor Index” is compiled and maintained by ICE Data Indices, LLC. The Index is composed of common stocks of TWSE-Listed and TPEx-Listed companies which meet liquidity, the semiconductor industry sector classifications provided by FactSet, Gross Profits to Assets(GPA) ratio criteria. Currently, there are 30 stocks selected as constituents.

TWSE states counting above ETF, currently 120ETFs are listed on the market, tracking both domestic and international exchange’s equity, fixed income, commodity and etc. performance, to favor investor’s diverse appetites and asset allocation. However, each has its associated risks. Thus, a diverse asset allocation is advised, and it is recommended to read the prospectus thoroughly before executing investment.

Published on June 10, 2021

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