ETF TV News: Defined outcome and other ETF listing news from the first week of 2021

Buffer, stacked, Defined Outcome or ETFs that look like Structured Products featured in last week’s new listings according to ETF TV’s Dan Barnes conversation with Deborah Fuhr ETFGI. The use of these products requires the investor to do their research particularly in the retail space. #PressPlay

Active ETFs continue to come to market, particularly Transparent Active because fund platforms have not adopted or adapted to the semi-transparent or non-transparent models yet.

In the first full week of 2021 there were 13 ETFs listed globally: 9 in the US, 3 in China and 1 in Zimbabwe.

Issuers: ALLIANZ INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLC, Euclid Capital Ltd., Direxion,  GF Fund Management Co., Ltd., Hua An Fund Management Co. Ltd., Hwabao Trust, Innovator ETFs,  Old Mutual Zimbabwe Toroso Asset Management TrueShares

Exchanges: Cboe Global Markets, NYSE Arca, Shanghai Stock Exchange

Index providers: China Securities Index Co., Ltd.IndxxZimbabwe Stock Exchange

Disclaimer: ETF TV is a news update and is intended for informational purposes only. ETF TV does not provide investment advice nor recommend products.

Published on January 12, 2021

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