ETF TV News #72 David Botset of Charles Schwab discusses dividend ETFs and Schwab’s 10th Annual ETF survey

ETF TV News #72 David Botset, Senior Vice President, Head of Equity and Fixed Income Product and Strategy at Charles Schwab Investment Management, discusses dividend ETFs and the findings from the 10th annual Schwab ETF investor survey with Dan Barnes and  Deborah Fuhr  #PressPlay 

Last week there were 17 new listings by 13 issuers on 8 exchanges and there were 8 new cross-listings.

Issuers: 21Shares, Amundi, Applied Finance Advisors, Charles Schwab Investment Management, Formidable Asset Management, Fullgoal Fund Management, Hashdex Asset Management, Hua An Fund Management, iShares, Itau Unibanco, Maxwealth, Purpose Investments, WisdomTree

MarketData: ETFGI, video production: Nuru Rimington-Mkali, the transcript and podcast on by: Mathilde Laessoe   Listen to the podcast  Read the transcript  at MP4

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Published on May 4, 2021

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