ETF TV News #85 Boaz Nagar of KSM ETFs discusses the demand for retail construction ETFs

ETF TV News #85 Boaz Nagar, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of KSM ETFs discusses the demand for retail construction ETFs and how regulatory changes have impacted the ETF industry in Israel with Margareta Hricova and Deborah Fuhr #PressPlay   

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Last week globally there were 39 new listings from 25 issuers listed on 14 exchanges and 14 cross-listings.

Issuers: BNP Paribas Easy, Bosera Asset Management, BTG Pactual, Cloud Atlas Investing, Direxion Shares, DriveWealth, Excellence KSM, Franklin Templeton Investments, GF Fund Management, HanETF, Hanwha Investment Trust Management, Impact Shares, Investo Gestão de Recursos, iShares, Migdal, NH Investment and Securities, Ping An, Premia Partners, Psagot Mutual Funds, Samsung Asset Management, Samsung Securities, SBI Mutual Fund, SWS MU Asset Management, Timothy Plan, Value ETFs

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Published on August 3, 2021

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