ARK Investment Management LLC Launches the ARK Transparency ETF (CTRU) on the Cboe BZX Exchange

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ARK Investment Management LLC (“ARK” or “ARK Invest”), an investment adviser focused solely on thematic investing in disruptive innovation, is pleased to announce the launch of the ARK Transparency ETF (CTRU) on the Cboe BZX Exchange effective Wednesday, December 8th, 2021.

The ARK Transparency ETF seeks to provide investment results that closely correspond, before fees and expenses, to the Transparency Index (TRANSPCY), which is designed to track the stock price movements of the 100 most transparent companies in the world based on a proprietary scoring methodology developed by Transparency, LLC (Index Provider).

“ARK believes that transparency serves as a catalyst for innovation and positive change, enhancing the performance of companies while benefiting the well-being of all,” stated ARK’s Founder, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Executive Officer, Cathie Wood. “Transparency implies openness, communication, accountability, and trust, and should be a cornerstone of modern society and business. Given our own belief in the value of transparency, we were impressed by the methodology developed by Transparency, LLC to determine the most transparent companies in the world and we are excited to bring this truly innovative fund to the market!”

“Partnering with ARK unleashed a new paradigm for impact investors,” stated Paul Pagnato, Chairman and Founder of Transparency Invest, the provider of the Transparency Index, whose mission is to accelerate the world’s adoption of transparency. “Impact and purpose-based investors now have the opportunity to allocate capital in the world’s first Transparency ETF.”

“Transparency is a core tenet of Cboe’s guiding principles. We are pleased to collaborate with like-minded partners – ARK and Transparency Invest– to list this truly innovative ETF on our exchange and help drive positive impact for market participants,” said Laura Morrison, Global Head of Listings at Cboe Global Markets. “We congratulate both ARK and Transparency Invest on the launch of this monumental ETF, and look forward to supporting their continued success in the years to come.”

About ARK Investment Management LLC
Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, ARK Investment Management LLC is a federally registered investment adviser and privately held investment firm with $68.1 billion assets under management as of September 30, 2021. Specializing in thematic investing in disruptive innovation, the firm is rooted in over 40 years of experience in identifying and investing in innovations that should change the way the world works. Through its open research process, ARK identifies companies that it believes are leading and benefiting from cross-sector innovations such as robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. ARK’s investment strategies include: Autonomous Technology and Robotics, Next Generation Internet, Genomic Revolution, Fintech Innovation, 3D Printing, Israel Innovative Technology, Space Exploration, Transparency, and the overall ARK Disruptive Innovation Strategy.

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Before investing you should carefully consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other information is in the prospectus and summary prospectus, which may be obtained by visiting Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest. 

The principal risks of investing in ARK’s Index ETFs include equity, market, concentration and non- diversification risks, as well as fluctuations in market value and net asset value (“NAV”). The principal risks of investing in CTRU: Equity Securities Risk. The value of the equity securities the Fund holds may fall due to general market and economic conditions. Foreign Securities Risk. Investments in the securities of foreign issuers involve risks beyond those associated with investments in U.S. securities. Index Tracking Risk. The returns of the ETF may not match the returns of the underlying index that the ETF is designed to track. Consumer Discretionary Sector Risk. Companies in this sector may be adversely impacted by changes in domestic/international economies, exchange/interest rates, social trends and consumer preferences. Industrials Sector Risk. Companies in the industrials sector may be adversely affected by changes in government regulation, world events, economic conditions, environmental damages, product liability claims and exchange rates. Information Technology Sector Risk. Information technology companies face intense competition, both domestically and internationally, which may have an adverse effect on profit margins. Detailed information regarding the specific risks of CTRU ETF can be found in the prospectus. Additional risks of investing in CTRU include equity, market, management and non-diversification risks, as well as fluctuations in market value and NAV. An investment in an ETF is subject to risks and you can lose money on your investment in an ETF. There can be no assurance that the ETF will achieve its investment objective. The ETF’s portfolio is more volatile than broad market averages. Shares of CTRU are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the ETF. ETF shares may only be redeemed directly with the ETF at NAV by Authorized Participants, in very large creation units. There can be no guarantee that an active trading market for ETF shares will develop or be maintained, or that their listing will continue or remain unchanged. Buying or selling ETF shares on an exchange may require the payment of brokerage commissions and frequent trading may incur brokerage costs that detract significantly from investment returns.

Index Descriptions: The Transparency Index is composed of equity securities and American Depositary Receipts (“ADRs”) traded on U.S. public securities exchanges that are considered the 100 most transparent companies in the world based on a proprietary scoring methodology provided by Transparency, LLC. Transparency, LLC has contracted with Solactive AG to maintain the Index rules and methodology, calculate the Index and disseminate information about the Index including the performance shown herein. Solactive does not manage actual assets. The Index is unmanaged, which means that the companies included in the Index are selected according to a proprietary algorithm of Transparency Invest that serves as the basis of the Index methodology. The Index is equal weighted, which means that the 100 companies included in the Index each represents approximately 1% of the Index – with variations due to market performance. Solactive rebalances the Index back to a 1% weight for each index constituent at the end of every quarter using the Index methodology explained herein.

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Published on December 8, 2021

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