Argent Capital Management launches new actively managed Mid Cap ETF

Argent Capital Management has announced the launch of the Argent Mid Cap ETF, a transparent, actively managed ETF. The ETF is trading on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol AMID.

The Argent Mid Cap ETF seeks long-term capital appreciation for its investors by using a blend of quantitative and fundamental research to identify good businesses undergoing internal or external positive change. This is the same investment strategy and philosophy as the company’s mid-cap strategy, started more than eight years ago. The strategy uses Argent’s proprietary quantitative tool, The Argent Alpha Model, to develop a concentrated and selective portfolio of 35-50 mid-cap stocks which exhibits high active share and low turnover.

“Mid-cap stocks have historically provided more growth potential than large-cap stocks,” says Steve Finerty, Chairman of Argent Capital, “with more price stability than small-cap stocks.”

The Argent Mid Cap ETF will be managed by Portfolio Manager Kirk McDonald, CFA. Kirk developed and began investing in the Mid Cap strategy in March of 2014.  “Our disciplined investment process focuses on owning the right businesses with a seasoned management team, strong balance sheet, above average cash flow, access to capital, and a long runway for growth,” says McDonald. “We buy them when we believe they are exhibiting positive change such as new management teams, new products, or a change in industry cycle.”

“We view the firms we invest in as our partners – they are businesses to us, not simply stocks, and our goal is to own them forever,” says McDonald. “We strive to stay ahead of the curve, serving the demands of the market and our current clients,” says Finerty. “Many of our clients are Registered Investment Advisors who prefer the ability to offer their investors the tax efficiency and convenience of ETFs.”

ETFs have become the investment vehicle choice of many, the firm says. “Each day more people are selecting ETFs as the building blocks for their portfolios,” says Finerty. “Argent is excited to provide a mid-cap ETF solution to meet the needs of our institutional and financial advisor clients.”

The fund’s adviser is ETF developer ETF Architect.

Published on August 22, 2022

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